“I Love You” Chocolate Truffles

A small box of Thorntons chocolates for Valentine’s Day, five individual chocolates that spell out a loving message I ♥ you, Thorntons I Love You Cups.

Presented in a long slim box departed in bright pink with white and black hearts and the front of the box is clear so you can see the chocolates and message inside.


Four of the chocolates are Thorntons Alphabet Truffles, chocolate cups filled with a buttery truffle filling and letters iced on top, the fifth chocolate is a pink chocolate heart representing the word love.

A limited edition for Valentines and Mother’s Day, from the Alphabet Truffles range at Thorntons; where you can create your own personalised message in a chocolate box from truffles.

£3.49, 63g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Gluten Free.