Thanks Mum Chocolate Collection by Thorntons

Thorntons Thanks Mum Chocolate Collection

A hamper of Thorntons chocolates for Mother’s Day, in a special Thorntons bag, especially designed and put together to say “Thanks Mum”.

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A Mother’s Day gift that says a little more, all Mums deserve a treat but this one says thank you and I love you as well.

The “Thanks Mum” chocolate collection by Thorntons contains:

  • Thorntons Continental Heart: A 300g box of Thorntons Continental chocolate collection presented in a limited edition heart box especially for Spring. The box contains 24 chocolates from the Thorntons Continental range.
  • Milk Chocolate Plaque: A heart shaped chocolate plaque and chocolte truffle hearts iced with “Thanks Mum”, 180g.
  • I Love Mum Cups: Butter truffles chocoate cups the spell out ” I ♥ MUM”.

The Mother’s Day chocolate collection from Thorntons is presented in a limited edition reusable bag, with spring flower graphics in the side.

£20.00, 540g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Gluten Free.