Mini Heart Shaped Chocolate Boxes

Mini Heart Shaped Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate boxes and chocolate hearts are traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, combined together you get fantastic chocolate filled heart shaped boxes which can be very impressive, but also rather pricey.

Mini heart shaped chocolate boxes are almost exactly the same as the larger heart shaped chocolate boxes just in miniature, a smaller box with fewer chocolates – but all the sentiment is there.

And of course less expensive…

Thorntons Truffle Hearts

Thorntons mini heart shaped chocolate boxes are called Truffle Hearts and are available in three different colours with different flavours of chocolate truffle.

Thorntons Viennese Truffles Heart

Thorntons Marc de Champagne Truffle Heart Box

Thorntons Mini Strawberry Marc de Champagne Truffle Heart

Each heart shaped box contains three chocolates, the cream and brown Viennese Truffle Heart contains the Viennese Truffles from the Thorntons Continental Collection, the silver box contains Marc de Champagne chocolate truffles and strawberry flavoured Marc de Champagne truffles are found the red truffle heart.

Hotel Chocolat Heart Tins

Hotel Chocolat’s small heart shaped boxes are actually little heart tins, with a choice of three different designs and each design has a different chocolate truffle flavour inside.

Three Champagne Chocolate Truffles in a Heart Tin

Three Pink Champagne Chocolate Truffles in a Heart Tin

Three Chocolate Truffles in a Butterfly Heart Tin

The Classic Heart tin is white and contains Hotel Chocolat’s classic champagne truffles, the Pink Heart is a soft pink with champagne truffles with a hint of strawberry and the Butterfly Heart is also white with a butterfly motif round the edge and has lemon curd flavoured chocolate truffles inside.

Charbonnel et Walker Hearts

The mini heart shaped chocolate boxes from Hotel Chocolat and Thorntons are new for 2012, Charbonnel et Walker have been making heart shaped chocolate boxes for much longer and have a wider variety of colours, flavours and sizes.

Charbonnel et Walker Champagne Truffles

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles in Heart Box

Charbonnel et Walker White Chocolate Truffles

Charbonnel et Walker Cocoa Dusted Chocolate Truffles

The smallest heart boxes from Charbonnel et Walker each contain three chocolate truffles in different flavours and are available from a number of stores including The Chocolate Trading Company, John Lewis and Selfridges.

Heart Chocolate Boxes

Selfridges’ chocolate range offers even more chocolate hearts, Valentine’s chocolate and Mother’s Day gifts from a variety of brands including mini heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates.

Prestat’s smallest heart shaped chocolate box has three chocolates inside, an assorted selection from their fine chocolate range. The Rocco chocolate hearts are made from dark chocolate hand painted with coloured white chocolate and are available with either three or six chocolate ganaches inside. Artisan du Chocolat’s small Love Bird chocolate box has seven chocolates inside.

Prestat Mini Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

Rococo Chocolate Filled Heart with Six Chocolates

Artisan du Chocolat Love Bird Heart

Godiva Limited Edition Bear & Heart

Godiva Limited Edition Chocolate Heart Tin

Godiva have two limited edition chocolate boxes, the 2012 Godiva Bear dressed in a red beret and matching sweater with love heart buttons, holding a box of five chocolates and the limited edition Couer 2012 keepsake heart tin, decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Wonderful chocolates for a loved one.