Love Bird Chocolate Hearts

Hotel Chocolat has a vast selection of chocolate hearts in their Valentine’s Day Gifts range, dotted throughout flavoured chocolate hearts, heart shaped chocolate boxes and heart shaped chocolates are chocolate hearts with a rather special design.

The Love Birds design features two hummingbirds surrounded by hearts and cocoa pods, a romantic and rather intricate design which is pressed into the chocolate.

Giant Chocolate Heart

Hotel Chocolat’s “The Love Birds” Giant Chocolate Heart Slab is the biggest chocolate heart with the romantic design; the giant chocolate heart weighs in at a massive 650g, which is even bigger than their Giant Chocolate Slabs.

Giant Chocolate Heart

Made from two types of chocolate, salted caramel chocolate and 50% cocoa praline milk chocolate with crispy feuilletine, “The Love Birds” makes a dramatic Valentine’s Day chocolate gift.

Chocolate Sweethearts

Hotel Chocolat’s Sweethearts are flavoured chocolate hearts in slim gift boxes and are available two different flavours.

Caramel Chocolate Hearts

Chilli Chocolate Hearts

The caramel Sweethearts are caramel milk chocolate with a touch of cherry and caramel crispies and the chilli Sweethearts are made from 70% dark chocolate with a hint of chilli, both boxes contain 20 chocolate hearts and the hearts feature the Love Bird design.

Chocolate Heart Lollies

Strawberry Chocolate Heart Lolly

Milk Chocolate Heart Lolly

Dark Chocolate Heart Lolly

Mini Chocolate Hearts

Perfect a little love tokens for your Valentine are the Nudge-Nudge and Wink-Wink boxes, these little boxes are filled with mini chocolate hearts.

Nudge-Nudge Milk Chocolate Hearts

Wink-Wink Dark Chocolate Hearts

The Nudge-Nudge Milk Chocolate Hearts are made from solid milk chocolate and the Wink-Wink Dark Chocolate Hearts are made from 70% cocoa dark chocolate, and all of the chocolate hearts have the hummingbird design on.

£2.50£26.00, from Hotel Chocolat’s Valentine’s Day collection.

Labelled: Vegetarian & Alcohol Free.