Hotel Chocolat Valentine Chocolate Heart – Fruity Affair

The pièce de résistance of Hotel Chocolat’s Valentine chocolate range, the Fruity Affair, a large chocolate heart with truffles, a truly romantic and gorgeous Valentine’s Day chocolate gift.

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The Fruity Affair is a rather large milk chocolate slab shaped into a heart, swirled with strawberry chocolate topped off with caramelised crispies and bold pink truffles and then dusted with tongue-tingling blackcurrant creating a Valentines gift with a wow factor!

If that wasn’t enough to get to the fruity chocolate heart, first you have to undo the corset style ribbon bindings on the romantic box.

A chocolate Valentine gift that won’t be forgotten. Perfect for the woman in your life and for the men the Fruit & Nut dark chocolate heart, bold with passion.

£28.00, 650g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.