Foil Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate Hearts

Foil chocolate hearts from the Chocolate Trading Company, confetti and cocoapod, milk chocolate shaped like hearts, wrapped in coloured foils, in a large selection of colours.

The foil chocolate hearts are available in bags of 100 with over sixteen different colour options; each milk chocolate heart is approximately 34mm wide and 5mm deep.

Perfect as wedding favours, Valentine’s Day treats and Mother’s Day gifts. All the foil chocolate hearts below, and others, are available here or here.

The different colours can be used to create a theme, match existing decorations or convey a message. To add more depth and texture to decorative ideas try mixing colours and chocolate sizes.

The red, black and silver foil wrapped chocolate hearts are the most popular; red for passion, black for drama and stylish silver.

The heart shaped chocolates in pink express romance and love, ideal for Valentine’s Day or wedding favours.

All pinks go well with silver, black and other pinks. Fuchsia pink is completed with turquoise, for a unisex theme, and orange for a fashionable clash. For a soft, serene theme pale pink and lilac work well.

Gold is a very traditional colour scheme for weddings; gold chocolate hearts also work well with red and burgundy themes. Mixing gold chocolate hearts with similar colours such as copper or yellow give the foil wrapped hearts a deeper, warmer look.

Blues and purples are more contemporary colours, working well with other chocolate hearts in silver and paler colours and with each other.

To make your own chocolate wedding favours;

  • Work out how many people you need them for, and add a few extra.
  • Select the foil wrapped chocolate hearts that match your wedding colour theme and the amount you want per favour.
  • Choose how you want to present them, confetti have a good selection of wedding favour bags and boxes.
  • Have fun putting them together with a few friends.

Making your own wedding favours will take a little longer than buying them, but will save you money.

To create your own wedding favours from chocolate hearts
confetti has a selection of bags and boxes so you can create your own wedding favours using your choice of coloured foil chocolate hearts.