Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate hearts in a chocolate box, for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just to say I love you.

Chocolate selection boxes filled with chocolates hearts, chocolate boxes with a few hearts and boxes of chocolate with hearts on them.

Butlers Red Velvet Heart Chocolate Box

Butlers Red Velvet Heart Chocolate Box

A traditional gift for Valentine’s Day, Butlers Red Velvet Heart Chocolate Box, an assortment of chocolate truffles presented in a red velvet heart shaped box.

From the chocolate range at Selfridges.

£19.99, 225g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

Hotel Chocolat’s Valentine’s Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat's Valentine's Chocolate Box

A box of chocolates filled with just chocolate hearts; milk, white and dark chocolate heart shaped chocolate truffles in nine different flavour combinations.

One of the many romantic chocolate boxes from Hotel Chocolat’s Valentine’s Day chocolate collection.

£22.00, 280g.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Hotel Chocolat’s Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat’s heart shaped chocolate box, the “Straight From The Heart” chocolate box. A large box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day filled with a selection of milk, white and dark chocolates – the perfect gift to give straight from the heart.

Part of Hotel Chocolat’s Valentine’s Day Gifts collection.

£39.00, 380g.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Mini Chocolate Hearts Valentine’s Gift Hamper

Hotel Chocolat Mini Chocolate Hearts Valentine’s Gift Hamper

The Love Selection Basket from Hotel Chocolat, a selection of mini chocolate hearts, Valentine’s chocolates and a bottle of sparkling rosé wine in a gift hamper.

From the Valentine’s Day chocolates range at Hotel Chocolat.

£35.00, 315g.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Mini Heart Shaped Chocolate Boxes

Mini Heart Shaped Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate boxes and chocolate hearts are traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, combined together you get fantastic chocolate filled heart shaped boxes which can be very impressive, but also rather pricey.

Mini heart shaped chocolate boxes are almost exactly the same as the larger heart shaped chocolate boxes just in miniature, a smaller box with fewer chocolates – but all the sentiment is there.

And of course less expensive…

Thanks Mum Chocolate Collection by Thorntons

Thorntons Thanks Mum Chocolate Collection

A selection of “Spring” chocolates especially for Mothers day.

Presented in a Thorntons bag, the Mother’s Day chocolate collection includes; a heart shaped Thorntons Continental Box, a milk chocolate plaque with “Thanks Mum” already iced on it and chocolate truffles that spell out “I Love Mum”

£20.00, 540g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

Melting Hearts Chocolate Box

A chocolate box of Melting hearts, heart shaped chocolate pralines filled with a selection of flavours and decorated with coloured chocolate.

The perfect gift for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day from Hotel Chocolat.

£11.00, 170g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Alcohol Free.